Saturday, September 20, 2008

Start of the Alphabet Booklets Project

On September 12th 2008 the first booklets are sent out. Not that many, but every week a few. In each booklet I have already worked a bit. Dangerously, because someone who receives it might want to keep the booklet. On the cover one letter. The whole alphabet (in many variations) will be sent out.

On the backside of the booklet this text. As the booklets come in I will have the letters to form words with. Randomly I will see what the mail delivers. Each letter goes to a person connected to that letter. Eventually this blog will form the documentation of this new project. If possible another form of documentation will be made as well.

I only hope that several booklets will make ik back to me. I know from past projects like these that the booklets become collectors items after a few additions. Therefore it is always a risk to start a project like this.

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