Sunday, October 26, 2008

You can ask for a booklet

In case you would like to join this project, you can ask to receive a special Alphabet Booklet. Request can be sent through e-mail or snail-mail. This Alphabet Booklet project has just started. New aspects of it will be reveiled as the project continues. If you request a booklet, you will always get a new one. The booklets that are returned are considered being finished and they join the growing collection.

X - Angela Behrendt - Germany

Booklet X returned by Angela Behrendt, The first booklets that arrive back seem to be made by just the sender and receiver. The booklets that take an alternative route via unknown mail-artists will take a longer time to arrive back.

Envelope in which booklet X arrived

Envelope in which booklet A arrived

A - Torma Cauli - Hungary

Another booklet returned. The second one, the A, was returned by Torma Cauli from Budapest in Hungary

Monday, October 20, 2008

An A- and X- booklet returned.

Two more booklets returned. They arrived in my P.O. Box when I was in Germany last week. Soon I will scan them and will publish them on this blog. It is the first fase of this Alphabet Booklet project. More phases will follow and information will be published about the next steps on this blog. About 20 booklets have been sent out so far. More will follow.